Primary School Library Program

Help ensure that impoverished children—many of whom walk several miles to school each day—have learning materials when they arrive. Our primary school library program creates a safe, inviting space for reading and learning, complete with books, DVDs, modern technology, electrical wiring, comfortable furniture and brightly painted walls. Since 2011 we’ve installed libraries in 9 primary schools, serving more than 4,000 children. In 2017 and 2018 with your help, we hope to install 15 new libraries while continuing to improve our existing libraries with additional books, supplies, and room upgrades. These projects are ongoing. Any surplus funds raised will go to health and safety improvements at the schools.

These dedicated places of learning are positively thriving, full of kids each day reading books, watching films and flush with questions and comments about their newfound knowledge.




Clean Water Drinking Program

Partnering with Viet Dreams, we are bringing clean drinking water to children in Kontum Province. Thanks to our many generous donors, there are currently 13 systems in place, and our committed partner is matching contributions up to $700. Your gift makes fresh, filtered drinking water available to these children every day, decreasing their exposure to water-born illness. Our current goal is to bring clean water to an additional 20 schools before the close of 2018.

The kids LOVE being treated to such "Special" water (their word), and the schools are treating the systems like they're made of gold.




The Orphan Education Program

Give an opportunity for a brighter future to orphaned girls and young women from The Vinh Son 1 Orphanage in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Support includes tuition for high school, college, university, trade school and start up for small businesses. In addition, funds for books, supplies, room & board, tutorial services, clothing, and medical/dental care provided.

The girls who benefit from this program are thriving: winning apprenticeships, going on to university from high school, succeeding as entrepreneurs and beyond.


Special Forces Support

US Army Special Forces worked very closely with the people of the Central Highlands for a decade beginning in the early 1960’s. To show appreciation, former members of Special Forces are working to support those with whom they served, their families and their heirs by helping to improve their lives.

Former members of Special Forces through a collaboration with Jane Coyle, the founder of the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music, and Infrastructure (the “Vietnam Fund”), are helping her advance projects to support the people of the Central Highlands. The former Special Forces representatives working with Jane, are shown below, linked to their respective email addresses. Inquiries and involvement by others are always welcome.

David Moley
Tom Turney

Sam Wheeler

These representatives have pledged to match any contributions to the Vietnam Fund that come from members of Special Forces or others wishing to help former Special Forces members with their support during 2016 up to $10,000. Currently, Special Forces support is focused on two ongoing Vietnam Fund programs:

Clean Water Drinking Program with Special Forces Matching Funds

By installing clean water systems in schools, students are less likely to be exposed to water-borne diseases. The Vietnam Fund partners with another charity, Viet Dreams that matches funds contributed by the Vietnam Fund to install new clean water systems. The cost for each, new system is approximately $1,500.


Primary School Library Program with Special Forces Matching Funds

The goal of this program is to create a safe inviting space for students to learn. The libraries provide a dedicated space with books, DVDs, computer(s) and internet access.These dedicated places of learning are positively thriving, full of kids each day reading books, watching films and exploring the internet triggering questions and comments about their newfound knowledge. The cost of a new library is approximately $3,000.




Checks should be made out to The Vietnam Fund. Please note on the check that your donation is in support of the Special Forces effort by putting SF on the bottom left hand corner of your check. Please mail your check to 130 W. 79th Street, Suite 10 D, New York, NY 10024.

All contributions to the Vietnam Fund are tax-deductible.


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